New Year's resolutions are commitments we make to our self. While there is some magic to the New Year, being successful with a resolution takes more than midnight magic. To fulfill a resolution we need to challenge our self. We need to take on the job of reworking how we work.

                                                                                 REWORKING HOW WE WORK

What are we doing or believing that is keeping us from success? We often blame our failures on externals: not understood, too much interference, not enough time. Usually though the problem resides within. How deeply will we delve into our self to get to the goal? Are we willing to be uncomfortable? Between the hope and the goal is a vast chasm filled with our inner demons. We fantasize leaping across and not facing our fear and shame. But having an encounter with our self is the source of our power.

                                                                     A VAST CHASM FILLED WITH OUR INNER DEMONS

Common resolutions have to do with how we take care of our self: weight and exercise. Both goals require persistent encounters with our tendencies to avoid our self. For me I overeat when I am anxious about expectations. I take comfort and numbness from eating. When I remember who I am, that I am an energetic expression, my craving falls into the back ground.

Deep change disrupts our internal organization. We are not causally put together. Our psychological makeup is the result of the challenges and successes we have faced. Our psychological self is arranged to do the best we can under our particular circumstances. Think of a 3-dimensional puzzle. If one piece is removed it has the potential to disrupt the balance of the structure. If several pieces are removed or shifted, the structure collapses.

                                                                      WE ARE NOT CASUALLY PUT TOGETHER

We need time to integrate our changes. Integration is the process of ripening, allowing us to mature into our next configuration. If we take a leap forward and find our selves teetering, we need to slow down, find comfort and nurturing. Remember if this change were easy, we would not have made a resolution. We would have just done it.

Throughout the year our resolution gives us focus.  We witness how we develop as we gain mastery and go deeper into who we are.  We create our own good fortune with our resolution.

                                                                       CREATE OUR OWN GOOD FORTUNE

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