Perseverance is the most important adjective in my personal profile. Without perseverance I would have stayed stuck in my bad habits and misunderstandings. With perseverance I utilize the lessons that come my way. I go beyond my stuck places to the unknown possibilities awaiting me. What a quality.

                                                                         FALLDOWN FIVE TIMES; GET UP SIX.

I love this saying. Does any one now the origin? Why not keep getting up? There's no time line, no requirements. Who knows what amazing turns and quirks will unfold to take us beyond our selves.

True learning requires us to be changed. This takes time and determined effort. Most often we are not one-trial learners. We need multiple trials, repeated exposure, unlimited opportunities to get it.

With perseverance we go deeper into our selves. We acquire the circuitry to get it. Often its tough going, and I disappoint my self. I lose track of who I really am and fall prey to distractions. I can’t locate the subtle hum of my breathe. I feel adrift and want to fall into a vat of chocolate and loose consciousness. But then a moment happens, and I’m awake again. The darkness fades. I feel the joy at my core.


Age is not a limitation. Actually with age we gain a longer perspective and are more likely to understand that most things don't happen with one trial. There is no shame in being a slower learner. The judgment slow is a matter of perspective. Who said what should happen when?

Perseverance rewards us with deep trust in our selves and deep affection for the delights of the path we trip along. We learn to be kind to our selves, to keep going toward our goals, being shaped in the process.

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