Optimism is not fashionable. Cynicism is cool. With cynicism we feel smarter, ahead of the curve. But the optimist has the radical stance, transcending the surface differences that engage the cynic. The optimist sees below the surface turbulence to the stillness underneath. While not denying life's tragedies, the optimist holds onto light when everyone insists there is only darkness.

                                                                      THE OPTIMIST HOLDS ONTO LIGHT

What is this light? This light is our consciousness. This light not only illuminates our world. This light is our world. The energy of each atom, the pulsation of each thought, the love in our hearts is this light. When life breaks apart, we might seek refuge in despair, bemoaning the betrayal. We feel bereft of nurturing, shamed and foolishly suckered in. Negativity is easy. We feel puffed up by negativity, smart, savvy.

                                                                                           NEGATIVITY IS EASY

For me optimism fades when I experience emotional abandonment. Thus cut-off, I reflexively feel panic and shame. I am thrown back to my childhood traumas. Craving numbness, I fall into food and sleep. When I reconnect with the light, I am miraculously restored.

                                                                                  MIRACULOUSLY RESTORED

Optimism transcends the politics of now and joins us with universal consciousness. The now still needs our attention, but when we stand in the light, now becomes more manageable. We think well of our neighbor even when we disagree; we think well of our self even when we disappoint. This primary energy does not vacillate. It is the ground of existence. To exist is to be optimistic.

                                                                             TO EXIST IS TO BE OPTIMISTIC

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