Discipline is about our relationship with our self. It is not about appeasing an external standard or authority. Discipline is the result of being in congruence with our self.

                                                                             DISCIPLINE IS CONGRUENCE WITH SELF

This congruence is destroyed by fear. This fear is left over from our lives as children, when we learned to limit our self to what was acceptable. Love became a reward for obedience. Love lost its status as the assumption of being. We learned to live in conflict with our authentic self.

Discipline is reclaiming this authenticity by rebuilding our inner connection. Why do I harp on the goal of losing five pounds? This goal challenges my connection to my self. Achieving this goal requires a steady connection to my alive-in-the-moment-self. As I watch my connection going slack, I see me, fading from awareness into the numbness of eating. I feel such relief when I awake again and connect to my self and not to eating.

                                                                                    MY ALIVE-IN-THE-MOMENT-SELF

Our discipline strengthens when we practice being alive to our inner being. My practices include daily meditation and exercise. These deepen my inner connection. Through our chosen practices we create a unique world within. This world radiates from our center creating the lives we live. When we live from our center, we have the joy of discipline.

When get distracted from our center. We lose our focus; we lose trust for what is us. We become false to our self. Discipline is holding on to our center.

                                                                           DISCIPLINE IS HOLDING ONTO OUR CENTER


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