Courage means that in the moment we are true to our self. We are not giving the moment away to feel accepted and validated by others.

Courage transforms challenges into new opportunities and a renewed sense of conviction and self-esteem.

As we act courageously we discover our inner strength and identity. When we act with courage we discover that he have within our self an innate force that is never diminished by circumstances. In acting courageously, we simultaneously discover and strengthen our connection to our own true self.

                                                                        AN INNATE FORCE THAT IS NEVER DIMINISHED

The opposite of courage is self-doubt accompanied by fear of rejection. Each of our psychological histories is filled with moments when we have felt the pangs of disconnection and abandonment. In courage we reaffirm that who we are is not defined by circumstances and that we are good enough.

For me, I appreciate the courage I have to write this blog and not be daunted by self-doubts.  I go for it:  put my thoughts down, edit, and trust that I will get the feed-back I need to hear.

Recklessness is not courage but another form of self-doubt masquerading as bravado. With courage we consciously embrace the moment with open-eyed acceptance of our risks and their consequences.

Courage means that we step forward, moment by moment, creating and unfolding the life of our dreams.

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