Change is challenging. What to you want to change? Let's be systematic.
I have two things.
  1. I want to loose five pounds
  2. I want to clean my basement
Both of these changes have been pending for a long time.
So let's get started. I'm going to focus on the five pounds first.
We need motivation. I use slogans. This could be something I make up or find else where. The slogan needs to resonate within us, mean something to keeps us inspired and focused. Slogans don't last a long time. After a few days or weeks, the punch is gone. When we recognize this we pick something new.
My current slogan is:   “I'm better than that.”
This means I am better than an extra serving of food. I'm better than that candy. Right now this works for me. What is your saying for today?  It could be “I can do it.” “I believe in me.” Slogans should be positive and affirming, short and pithy.
I print mine out and post them around in strategic locations: the refrigerator door, my favorite cutting board, the mirror in the bathroom, my desk at work. I post lightly, no heavy glue or forever tape. These sayings change frequently and get replaced. I don't want to peel the paint off my wall.
For me I need a plan. This is very individual but necessary. Everybody executes their plan differently. It may take time to find what works for you. For my diet I can restrict myself to a few foods. I have different condiments for adding zest. The plan has to be written down. I make charts using excel. This forces me to put my plan into a grid, making it more specific. Here's my diet plan:
My plan has no times. Yours might include meal times. You might specify shopping needs or dining out plans.
No eating without charting.  I like the feeling of checking things off. Very satisfying. This chart is for five days. Then I need a day off. The day off includes a special meal, not too extravagant, but a change up. Then I'm ready to go again if needed.  As I see the weight come down I am inspired to stick with the plan.
With any change gratitude is very important. We must thank our selves—for our efforts, for our persistence, and our accomplishments. I frequently thank my self. I stop, think of what I've just accomplished, and kiss my hand and say thank you. I give heartfelt, unconditional acceptance of what I just did. No “but's.” Just thank you. Maybe I passed a plate of cookies and kept going. Perhaps I got past a moment of craving without giving in. That's a big one. Worth two thank you's and two kisses.
What is your challenge. I'll check in after five days and let you know how I did. The basement is next.
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