And it begins

I decided in my spare time, I would start writing a blog for our new website. Not because I have oodles of time, but because I often find interesting things to share online, and other than to my Facebook friends, I really have no where to put it all.

This blog will be a huge assortment of different things. No real theme, unless you call it the theme of my mind. Even settling on a name for this seems to be an enigma to me.

After a little thought, ok, a lot of thought, I decided to call this blog Graphically Enabled.

Printing Press

Seems like a fitting title. I've been in the newspaper business since I was three years old. The only thing I haven't been in that time is publisher. I've sold advertising, taken subscriptions, worked long hours building advertisement, coding websites, laying out the pages you read in the newspaper. I've helped run a press, sorted mail, inserted flyers, and even tried my hand at driving delivery routes. I always end up back at what I love the most: designing, and photographing.

We have come a long way from darkrooms and paste up boards. Sometimes I miss the smell of hot wax and the multiple paper cuts. I still have my proportion wheel as well as my roller for putting pages together. I still measure in picas, and have a hard time with telling you how many inches something should be. I have an opinion on the Oxford comma, and there's still something inside me that screams when I see someone without any grammar skills.

Newspapers are finally becoming the technological wonder they whould be, instead of spending hours toiling on a light table trying to make things just right.

Hours saved on that are what allow me to explore new techniques online to bring a better visual experience to the reader. And, to be honest, lets me have a little more fun at work too.


So, I hope you enjoy reading from here on out as I blabber on about things I find interesting. Til next time, here's a throwback photo of me.



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