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December 02, 2016
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View from the Top

Ahhh, relaxing at the top of the mountain

This proved to be rather difficult; Dylan and the Great Dane (Diogi) we brought with us had to turn around. The rest of us pressed on, and after some complaining, one snake sighting, and two snack breaks, we made it to the top of the waterfall. A sense of accomplishment rushed over us. The view was spectacular, but we knew even greater views lay ahead. Onward and upward.

We knew that once we had reached the waterfall, the top of the mountain was not far off. We walked the path through the woods and veered off to the right, which took us to a spot none of us had been to before. It is at the top of the mountain but not the usual spot, and the ground is made of broken up rocks. Travelers before us had created a cone-shaped rock sculpture and a chair and foot rest made entirely of rocks for weary hikers to rest and take in the view. I definitely suggest going to this spot, but I think that, kind of like Narnia, it has to be found by accident.

We then walked to the left, sensing that it must be where the top is, and we soon found it. The view literally took my breath away; I passed out and fell down the mountain (just kidding, but that would make a good story). Anyway, the view really is breathtaking. The Delaware River winds below you, nestled in vast mountains covered in trees with only a few houses dotting the landscape. It is truly no-man’s-land, an unconquered territory, no Wal-Marts in sight, although I joked that they should build one. And a bar called Cliff Bar. (It was funnier at the time).

We sat on the smooth rock covered with carvings (“Jack was here,” “CB<3LR” and the like), and ate some more snacks and took pictures. Then, after the right amount of time of admiring the view from the top, we headed back down (this time on the trail).

Now, I wouldn’t recommend taking the waterfall route unless you are ready for a challenge. So, I’ll talk about the regular path. The first time I hiked it was last spring, and it is more challenging than I thought it would be; some spots are quite steep. I definitely had to stop and catch my breath a few times. But, it’s a really nice walk, and as Demetri Martin said, “Hiking is just walking where it’s okay to pee.” Also, you can see the waterfall from this trail, as well.