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December 08, 2016
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Visions of spring

Tri-Valley’s Emily DiToro

By Richard A Ross
April 2, 2014

SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY — Long about now I figure what my readers need most for their ongoing winter woes is a curative dose of spring fancy. And darn it, if the weather won’t cooperate to let our baseball and softball players loose on the diamond, our golfers afoot on the greens, our tennis players angling their shots on the court and our runners, jumpers and throwers evincing their speed, strength and agility in track and field, the least I can do is entice us all with pictures of what we hope to soon see. Thus this week find here a pictorial preview. No this is not a team-by-team preview, nor some harebrained prediction of who will win what. I eschew such, believing strongly that such prognostications aren’t worth the space they’re printed in. So for this week, let’s just dream a little and hope that sooner rather than later, our dreams of bucolic spring days become a reality. Each spring sport has an iconic picture to represent it and a quote worthy of its unique allure. Enjoy.