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December 09, 2016
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Man caves, Backwoods style

The Bat Cave II
TRR photos by Linda Drollinger

The Polish Palace. The name says it all, recognizing both the owner/builder’s Polish heritage and the shelter’s palatial style and proportions. Additionally, this is the only shelter that can be said to have genuine décor that includes carpeting, swivel chairs worthy of a law office and decorative cushions.

The top story of this duplex was built in the owner’s youth. As he matured and his family expanded to include three sons, avid hunters all, the lower story was added. The eldest of those sons now has teenage daughters with the old man’s blood in their veins. When the planned ground-level story has been completed, each generation will have its own level.

The Bat Cave. So named because it’s hidden beneath a boulder, this shelter has a contemporary vibe expressed by its stylish appointments—a plastic chair worthy of the Museum of Modern Art and a plastic bowl that could be anything from a chamber pot to a finger bowl and may, at various times, have done duty as both.

Ladies, although I still don’t know exactly why men take to the woods, it occurs to me that they may have discovered in their woodsy lairs what we’ve known forever: that a few hours spent in Mother Nature’s domain does wonders to restore the spirit.