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December 10, 2016
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Not my priorities

August 2, 2012

It’s too bad that Representative Rosemary Brown feels she is so unknown in Pike that she must put up a billboard this early in Delaware Township. The message “Focused on our priorities” is revealing though. Who is the “our” in that slogan, I wonder?

It isn’t my priority that she: Voted herself a pay raise and extended her medical benefits in the most recent budget, while teachers go to the unemployment lines, accept pay freezes and see their benefits cut; campaigned to make exercising our right to vote harder under the name of “voter fraud,” but cannot produce a single instance in Pennsylvania of voter impersonation, which is all the Voter ID bill remedies (in fact, the bill makes voter fraud easier if you vote by absentee ballot); is wasting her time on a lawsuit over school funding that so far has been nothing but an election year stunt (when was the last time she mentioned it?); was an early co-sponsor of the mandatory ultrasound bill that would require women to have an unnecessary and costly medical procedure for no other reason than to make them change their mind about abortion; voted hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to the natural gas industry in the Pittsburgh area, while doing nothing whatsoever to lower property taxes or bring jobs to Pike County.

So who exactly is the “our” to whom she refers? Corbett? Scavello? Harrisburg? Tea Party? It sure isn’t Monroe and Pike counties.

Representative Brown should change the word to “her” and be done with it. At least it would be honest.

Cheryl R. Glenn
Dingmans Ferry, PA