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December 07, 2016
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Nationwide insurance: no fracking way

July 11, 2012

NATION — National Casualty (Insurance) Company, part of the Nationwide group of insurance companies, has announced that hydraulic fracturing operations are prohibited in relation to properties it insures.

The company has determined that the exposures presented by hydraulic fracturing are too great to ignore. Risks involved with hydraulic fracturing are now prohibited for General Liability, Commercial Auto, Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage and Public Auto (insurance) coverage. The company said it would not bind risks with this exposure, and any policies currently written with the exposure would be non-renewed
(following state requirements).

Among the prohibited risks involved in fracking operations listed by the company are contractors involved in fracking operations, landowners whose land has been leased to lessees with fracking operations, frack sand and frack liquid haulers and site prep (dump trucks, bulldozers) or leasing of tanks.

Too Toxic To Insure

Maybe if producers are forced to self-insure, in the same way they are encouraged to self-regulate, they’ll be more careful?

Nationwide NOT on our side!

There’s nothing new about homeowner insurance not covering industrial processes—the drillers have their own insurance for accidents and damage. Travelers is dedicated to providing a complete portfolio of insurance solutions for the oil and gas business. This includes coverage designed to protect building and other business property. When the homeowner signs a lease, the gas company will be liable for any damage they might incur. But Nationwide’s statement—and the way they are spinning it—shows hostility to the natural gas industry. That’s why you should dump them.

According to a recent survey by the Ohio Insurance Institute,64 percent (9 of 14 companies) indicated that the EQ endorsement would cover losses as a result of fracking, with 36 percent indicating it would be excluded. OII suggests checking with your insurance professional regarding EQ coverage and how it would apply if fracking is determined to be the cause of loss.

Of course, there are insurance companies that offer insurance for homeowners with gas wells, after all a gas well on private property is nothing new. Insurance companies are in the business of taking risks, that's what they do. Will you pay more for a well on your property? Probably. You'll just have to take it out of your royalty check.

Here's one company that writes policies in PA.

Here's an interesting article identifying yet another industry which will benefit from shale gas, well, the savvy ones anyway.

Nationwide IS ON our side you are not

Let me tell you one group that doesn't benefit from Fracking, that's the people that have to live with it. It is factually proven to be unsafe, yet when someone strikes fracking down people like you, who are public relations employees working for the gas industry show up and try to make the gas industry look good.

You can't make it look good. 90% of the country has had record settings high temperatures already this year, your profess contaminates billions of gallons of water daily with carcinogens like benzine and touline (probably don't have them spelled right). It is also a fact that 7.2% of all wells you drilled in my state of Pennsylvania are already leaking methane into aquifers.

Every single gas industry worker should be arrested for crimes against humanity. You earn a living from polluting peoples lives and then when everyone figures it out you go to a different state and do it elsewhere.

Well, coward,

you have nothing to say but bull.
"factually proven to be unsafe"?
Really? Where is that proof?
"public relations employees working for the gas industry "?, no, not by a long shot.
Just a citizen landholder interested in seeing our country regain it's status as a wealthy, healthy, energy independent nation and world leader, not some sniveling apologetic third world country waiting for the wind to blow so we can recharge inefficient poisonous batteries as some would have it.
You just get more ridiculous as you go on, smoke another doobie and pop a few more scripts, preferably with lots of alcohol.

Why-the liar. Why-the coward.

Since Wythe is not your real name, you are a liar. Since Wythe is not your real name, you are a moral coward.

Why-the the frac do you bother to post? Who-the frac do you think you are communicating meaningful information to?

When next you sit, reach down, between your legs, to pick up your tail. Pull it up to your face, and, while thinking of dear Krancer, ask yourself, "Wythe does my tail smell like a dog?"

It is simply because, a dog, is a dog, is a dog.

Be careful. Mitt might tie you to the roof of his car, and drive you to Canada.

Barfy burps out more drivel

King of the driveling idiots, why do you bother? What business is it of yours anyway? I post facts here to counter lies and mis-leading diatribes designed to sway those unaware of the truth.
You don't believe anything except in the kool-aid the liberals feed ya. You believe in anything you hear negative concerning shale gas, no matter where it comes from. If a private citizen says her well was poisoned, you'll call it gospel, but if another says it's a Godsend, she's a paid-off liar. What a fool you are!
You don't believe it's possible to share a name with one of the founding fathers, although millions do. You don't believe it's possible to safely extract shale gas, although over a million wells have done so safely and successfully.
You believe in cheap self-serving film-makers and hollywood whores who offer absolutely no credibility or expertise whatsoever instead of people who actually have knowledge of their own industry. You foolishly think they are out to steal our lives and pollute our world, while they provide you with heat, electricity and other energies you use every day. You are an ungrateful lout.

Dear Mr. "George Wythe",

So, you are actually saying that your birth certificate (were you born on Earth?) name, your drivers's license name, your passport, read, "George Wythe"?

Aren't you afraid of your personal, "vredens dag", the one, that all liars finally experience, even if they are "raptured"?
You are one of those who believes that the earth is only 6,000 years old, and who await, "The Rapture", are you not?

As far as "truth", you and your lessors speak, and write, so little truth, that it might as well have originated in the "Bizarro World" popularized in the Superman comics of the '50's, where everything is actually the opposite of the fundamental, moral truths, that human beings would hope to experience, as a species.

In it's place, you wallow in the "Mondo cane", severely primitive, world view of "me", "mine", "my property", and you pat yourself on the back for being a "realist"?

You point your finger at your opponents, and accuse them of everything that you and your industry are guilty of. The chutzpah, of your words and actions, used to be mind boggling, but now they are just transparent, pathetic attempts to cling, by your fingernails, to any thing that might pass for truth, even for the smallest moment.

Time is not on your side, as the truth continues to eek out, despite the millions of dollars the shale gas industry, like big tobacco before it, throws in the face of the public, and into the pockets of the politicians.

You, and your colleagues, are prime examples of, what Hannah Arendt phrased as, The Banality of Evil.

The future of the world, that you prescibe, ends in self destruction.

Have a good time. Horde whatever wealth you can, while the world burns, and while you poison it. But don't you dare say you are doing it "for the future generations". Your grandchildren's children, will inherit nothing but dust, wind, war and grief.

Your world view is better describred as a mental illness.

All Best Regards,

James Barth

By the way, "George"

Before you answer my post above, remember we went through this when you first started commenting in TRR six months ago. I asked you directly. I accused you of writing under a pen name, and you replied to the effect that "you were not a computer writing comments, that you were a real person, and that, in effect, a "real name" didn't matter, what mattered was the content of your writing."

Indeed, you then repeated the lessor claptrap that it was a fine thing for people who hold your position, to hide your real name from people "like me", in order to protect yourself from some imagined "retribution" (always unjust in your mind, I presume).

After your weasel-ish response, how could anyone believe that YOU are really named George Wythe.

Of course, there must be some George Wythes walking around on the planet.

It is impossible to believe, after your initial response, that you are one of them.

Seek profession help Barfy

Really, you shame yourself. How someone who is obviously educated can act like such a narrow minded fool.
You completely ignore the topic of the article, as well as the intent of this forum, which is "intended to be a courteous exchange of ideas related to the issues at hand in the article commented on, not personal attacks on other users" which is precisely what you have posted here. You constantly do this whenever you reply to one of my posts since you don't agree with me and can't offer any evidence that your claims are true and mine are false. You have attacked my name, my views, anything you can think of, you are obsessed with trying to discredit me. But you never will succeed, because in my words there is truth. Just like Superman from the '50's,

    "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

I am not relying on lies and assumptions to prove my views like you are, which is why you become so unraveled and make your personal attack on me.
Your anger is apparent in your posts, a professional may help you manage that. I suppose Alzheimer is a possibility too. Whatever your problem is I really don't care, just stop your inane preaching. If you have nothing constructive and factual to add to the topic discussed, just shut your mouth, because every time you open it you sound the fool!

Dear "George",

So, your final, "truthland" answer is, again, that your real name is NOT "George Wythe". Yes, just as I understood from the beginning.

Your original lie, perfectly suits your constant equation of false information, with truth, whenever it serves your purpose.

Then, you attack those who oppose your views as "NIMBY half wits", "Barfman", liars, alzheimer sufferers, cowards, "You just get more ridiculous as you go on, smoke another doobie and pop a few more scripts, preferably with lots of alcohol."

I could copy and paste a few more of your comments, but let me be merciful.

Does the editor of TRR ever read these threads?

Thick as a brick

No matter how many times I tell you my name is real, you still don't believe me because you have to have it your way. I really don't care what you think.
I find it curious though, when someone who agrees with your asinine point of view uses a pseudonym, like
"gofrackyourself" or "KeepTapWaterSafe" you have no comment about them. It's also interesting these two compadres of yours have only been members here for less than one day. Familiar alter-egos Barfy?

You are correct, "George"

I do not believe you. I know that you are a liar when it comes to the name, "George Wythe", mostly because you have never answered the question directly, but rather, have actually implied, otherwise. Do you not think language matters? Do you think "plausible deniability" equals truth? Why not call yourself, "Humpty Dumpty"?

As to people who agree with my point of view, or who do not, who post under an obviously false name, why would I bother to engage them? Have you not noticed that the editor removes them, usually within a day or two?

And, do you not notice there is a way to flag these names, bringing them actively to the attention of the editor, instead of engaging their blatent pen name? Do you think I use that flag, "George"?

Exactly how unobservant, are you? Exactly how intelligent, are you?

You might have noticed, "George", that I don't need to slink around. That is your modus operandi.

As to being "thick as a brick", again, stop transposing your characteristics onto others. That is your one saving grace, as far as I can tell. You don't know when to stop.

I'll be generous, "George". I'll let you have the last word.
Go ahead. Have at it.


James Barth

One FINAL time

For the last time Barfy, my name is George Wythe . Do you believe me now? LOL, of course you don't, your stuck in the belief your right, even though you have no proof whatsoever. You've assembled some circumstantial evidence and drawn your conclusion. Thank God your not a jurist.This is exactly the same way you believe the shale gas industry is not a good thing for our country. No proof at all , but your convinced your right and no one will ever budge you from those beliefs.
Any name here could be fictitious, even if they are not obvious pseudonyms like "Balicon" or "curmudgeon", how do you know "gmaloney" is that posters 'real' name?
More importantly, why does it matter? How do we know that your really "James Barth"? How do you know that someone you are introduced to someday in the future won't punch you in the nose because your James Barth?!
I think the editors are getting a little lax on the 'real' names issue, which is a good thing, because in case you haven't noticed, what used to be a lively forum is now practically a ghost town. You are one of the few who post here and quite frankly your posts are not worth reading most of the time. All you are is a long-winded fan clubber for the likes of Joshing Faux and the Park Foundation. If this paper wants to stay neutral and objective, as any good news agency should be, they will have to let all voices be heard, no matter who's name is attached to those opinions.
It matters not in the least to me what the poster uses for a name. If 'Donald Duck' brings up a valid point or shares a valuable link with us, then I applaud him! I don't need to verify his address or residency, that's not what information is about. That's what communism is about, Big Brother knowing all. You hang around too many socialists Barfy, this is America, not George Soros' view of it, the land of the free we have enjoyed for 236 years!

Statement from Nationwide

Here's is Nationwide's official response to this issue:

Nationwide has not changed our policies or guidelines. Fracking related losses have never been a covered loss under a personal or commercial lines policy.

Nationwide's personal and commercial lines insurance policies were not designed to provide coverage for any fracking-related risks. However, Nationwide will investigate all claims submitted by our customers that they believe are the result of damage from fracking. Every Nationwide claim is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Insurance works when a carrier can accurately price the coverage to match the risks. When information and claims experience are not available to fully understand the scope of a given risk, carriers aren’t able to price protection that would be fair to both the customer and the company. From an underwriting standpoint, we do not have a comfort level with the unique risks associated with the fracking process to provide coverage at a reasonable price.

Insurance is a contract and it is designed to cover certain risks. Risks like flooding and mining or drilling are not part of our contracts, and the customer should seek out an insurer that handles these customized types of insurance.

-Joe Case, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Mr. Case, would you tell us

...some "insurer(s) that handle(s) these customized types of insurance"? Also, if any do, what are the costs?

Would any of the all knowingly informed frac'er lovers like to weigh in? The frac'er's pants keep falling down, but they don't seem to notice. They can't admit to anything? The Sky isn't Pink, is it?

I guess there just must be a lot of "natural (existing) faults and pathways" for the fluids, gas, and lack of insurance to rise to the ground water and surface, after all. How have the frac'er lovers succeeded in denying these things, for the last four years? Fred(UDC)P., please, lecture us about "learn or not, your choice"?