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December 02, 2016
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A sad day in the Town of Delaware

June 28, 2012

Anyone present at the last Town of Delaware Town Board meeting watched another spectacle by Councilman Roeder defending his pro-gas drilling position. And not only did we watch him act like a dictator, sitting like a sumo wrestler waiting to attack, but to my horror and amazement the other town board members just let him act out. And attack he did. Without regard to those of us who oppose gas drilling, the board (thanks for abstaining, Cindy Herbert) passed Mr. Roeder’s resolution that welcomes the drillers.

I am sure that the board’s big protection is going to be the second part of this resolution, “that those who are involved in the process of gas drilling, and those who regulate the gas drilling process, see to it that the entire process of gas drilling be made in a responsible and a safe manner.”

Is that Mr. Roeder’s way of saying, “hey, if an accident does happen, this board is really not responsible?” However, even though my comment was dismissed by him as “bullcrap,” it is our town board which is responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, and not the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. In no state do towns simply cede that responsibility regarding drilling to the state.

I think the bullcrap will hit the fan when the first accident happens and every town official will be sued for negligence and refusal to protect our health, safety and welfare. I remember the DeFalco lawsuit and it will pale in comparison to what can be coming your way.

Messrs. Sykes, Steppich and Gain: shame on you for voting for this resolution. Mr. Steppich, at least you were honest as to the monetary windfall you hope for. Mr. Gain, don’t expect my vote at the next election. And Mr. Roeder, I’ll be a spectator again when judgment day arrives.

Rosie DeCristofaro
Callicoon, NY