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Kudos to Beecher

June 21, 2012

The Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy would like to bring attention to the outstanding job that Susan Beecher has done and continues to do for the benefit of the citizens of Pike County.

As executive director of the Pike County Conservation District, Susan is responsible for overseeing the various projects in Pike County that involve earth disturbance, erosion and sediment control and storm management. She has been an outstanding spokesperson for proper techniques in construction of all kinds, and she and her staff have worked tirelessly to protect the natural beauty and resources of the county from damage caused by inappropriate or incorrect practices.

A pipeline inspector in Milford recently volunteered that Pike County is very lucky to have Susan Beecher on the job, as without her oversight, many more problems would have arisen. Susan has attempted to anticipate issues and work to resolve them for everyone’s benefit. She and her staff deserve the highest level of commendation and recognition for their efforts. We appreciate her hard work and constant efforts to preserve the pristine environment of Pike County.

Shirley Masuo
President, Twin & Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy
Shohola, PA