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December 03, 2016
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A sign of the times in Narrowsburg

May 30, 2012

The proposed esplanade, which would run behind the stores on Main Street and above the Upper Delaware River, continues to stir emotions. A group of residents have complained loudly because the town is spending about $154,000 for a design for the project, with about half of the money coming from a state grant and the rest coming from the town. Town officials committed to spending the money more than three years ago in order to receive the grant.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the sign appeared on a trailer outside the Narrowsburg Inn, which calls the project an Esplanade to Nowhere, says the $154,000 is “wasted” and promises that voters will remember in November. Some residents wondered if the sign violates any sections of the town code. Tusten code enforcement officer Gary Amerbach was researching the matter on May 29.

Town officials had committed

Town officials had committed to spend the money more than three years ago in order to receive the grant! EXACTLY, I wonder if they have received it yet!?

What a surprise

Isn't the Inn owned by the "get frackin, pass the gas" guy?

After what's his name wrote a letter to the editor, didn't TRR write an article or something that explained everything, and made what's his name's points look false?

What's going on? Is the "get frackin', pass the gas" fellow pushing some personal agenda?

As far as remembering in November, didn't he lose an election?

What's going on?

First Amendment

What Mr. Lang's personal agenda is, along with many of his fellow citizens who are veterans and care about such arcane matters, is the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It is a document by which the founding fathers outlined the basic rights we can expect as citizens. The recent actions of the "zoning board", "zoning board of appeals", "zoning re-write committee" etc, have been grotesque challenges in their entirety to nearly every one of the first ten amendments to it, known as "the bill of rights".
A recent email circulating around town hall from a town councilman who is the principal author of this infamy, offering his opinion that suspension of the first and most basic of these rights, that of free speech, is well within the perview of the majesty of Tusten Town Hall, shows not only a basic misunderstanding of the separation of powers, (as well as his forwarding of it to every member of town government EXCEPT the 2 town judges)as well as a profound contempt for a document every military veteran has taken an oath to defend, "from all enemies foreign and domestic".