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Highland hears more on Local Law 3

May 16, 2012

David Jones, left, owner of Kittatinny Canoes, addressed the Highland Town Board during its monthly meeting on May 8. The Pike County, PA resident spoke regarding the proposed Local Law 3, which would ban heavy industrial uses such as gas drilling within the town.

Jones and several representatives of area hunting clubs said that the town should uphold private property rights and not ban gas drilling. “I believe in free enterprise,” he said. “This gas belongs to every single landowner. Let the mineral rights stay with the people and let them harvest that gas legally and lawfully.”

Jones is the owner of Kittatinny Canoes and a Wayne County landowner who has leased his Wayne property for drilling. Supervisor Andrew Boyar reported that the public hearing on Local Law 3 held on May 4 drew an estimated 350 people, with two thirds speaking in favor of the law.

The comment period closed on May 14. Master copies of all comments are on file in the town clerk’s office and the town board and task force will review every comment as the board continues toward final resolution on the matter. “It’s pretty clear that the Town of Highland favors a ban on fracking,” said Boyar, who added that there will be additional adjustments to the law to make it as focused as possible. “I’d like to compromise on some of the language without compromising the intent and the main purpose, which is to ban fracking,” he said.

112 reasons why the words of Mr. Jones ring hollow

NY TIMES 5/16/12

"There are 112 sites like Treece on the E.P.A.’s National Priorities List, an inventory of the most environmentally devastated places in the country. They’re in varying states of restoration, but all of them were ruined by mining or extracting operations."

Shale gas extraction is an environmental disaster in the making. It is not something to base our energy future upon, and it certainly is not a place for sane people to live within.


There is no relevance between the the Treece situation and Natural Gas extraction. The only thing the two have in common is that they are both minerals. The methods used to mine zinc and other ores are totally different than methods used in gas extraction as even the most ignorant person should know. Of course, relative facts are not something the anti-gas crowd recognizes anyway.

Mr Jones is correct in his views on landowner rights and I hope Highland is prepared to pay a heavy price for denying landowners the use of their land and minerals.

Wow, is correct.

Even a committed ideologue, such as the falsely pen named Wythe, should be able to accept, and admit, to the almost unanimously long, sad, polluting, history, associated with "extraction industries", and to the utter inability of individual States to prevent toxic pollution, by such industries. Treece is one of the over 100 top examples, of toxic contamination, that resulted from "extraction industries", that the New York Times article profiled.

Shale gas mining is a contaminating, extraction industry.
That is the obvious parallel I drew.

How could Treece, and hundreds of other examples of toxic contamination within the U.S. happen? It is a direct result of extraction industry practice, which is enabled by the kind of disinformation, spread by the likes of anonymous "Wythes", and by the real persons, such as David Jones, who, would go so far as to purchase land in Wayne County, seemingly, for the purpose of industrial speculation, for his own gain, at the expense of those who live in Wayne County, and who oppose such industrial scale, open air operations, being positioned directly next to their homes.

Mr. Jones has every right to buy land for whatever purpose he wishes. We have every right to oppose the toxic industrialization of the area in which we live, and that we love.

We, the people, who oppose this toxic industrialization, have property rights too, and our property rights, and our health, would be taken away by such industrial profiteering.

The overwhelming number of residents who support Local Law #3, obviously agree.

The real "taking" that would occur, is when the industrial scale, shale gas extraction industry, would be allowed to operate in areas where people have homes.

No intelligent person fears the threat of "taking" based, lessor lawsuits, put forth by the "Wythes", and Jones, because the "taking" would not exist. The "Wythes", and Jones, portray their opponents as fear mongers? What Chutzpah!

The industry, and the disinformers, like the "Wythes", are bullies, and they are not used to people standing up to them, let alone succeeding in that resistance. Local Law 3 shows the overwhelming sentiment of the Township, and no amount of disinformation will alter that truth.

endless anti hype

Slice your baloney any way you like, but you have absolutely no proof to offer in support of your claim "Shale gas mining is a contaminating, extraction industry". To label it as "toxic industrialization" is simply absurd. Drive through any area in PA where the gas is flowing, if that's what you call "industrialization" you don't know the meaning of the word. The only argument I have heard even more bogus than your 'toxic wasteland ' scare tactics are from another Barth who actually expects people to believe there are no local economic benefits from shale gas. Again, take a ride through Susquehanna, Bradford, or Sullivan, wherever the gas is and talk to the people who live with it, you won't hear anything like the lies you two spew. You two must have a swimming pool full of hogwash the way you both spread it around.

The fact is seismic survey crews are currently working east of Thompson, heading toward Lakewood, and drill rigs are right behind them. NY will begin issuing permits this summer and all your hysterical rants will fail just like your claims of water contamination in Dimock did. "The conclusion at the end of the draft was that we could do this safely in New York, and I haven’t seen anything yet to change that conclusion,” Martens said

As for actions like "Local law 3" there are other avenues to pursue besides 'taking', which is still quite a strong argument, such as intergovernmental implications and county economic development policies as well as various other sections of NY Town Law. The Appellate Court will have it's say later this year, but personally, I think any town that follows the advice of dollar store shysters like the Slottje's are damn fools.

Pants on fire?

The rules for comment on this website require a person to register to comment under his/her real name, and to write under that real name.

By assuming the name "George Wythe", you have lied from the very beginning, and you do so every single time you post. In your subjective world of "truth", this matters not.

It is undeniable, therefore, that truth, for you, is a pliable concept, that you feel free to twist in service of your desired goal, which is to bring the shale gas extraction industry into the Delaware River Basin, and New York State, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the state of regulations, or the inability of a NYSDEC, PADEP, OR DRBC, to prevent contamination. let alone enforce what ever inadequate regulations are on the books.

It should have been clear to you, from the beginning, that I hold you in contempt, for your simple, straightforward, disregard for a simple, straightforward truth, the fact that you write under a false, assumed name.

That you, a person hiding behind a false name, describes me, and Janette Barth, another real person, one who has earned a doctorate in economics, and who writes on the economics of shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania, as people who "spew lies", serves as an example of the very reason I had campaigned for TRR's policy that requires real names.

As "George Wythe", you are a liar at the very core of your posts. Apparently, you have no capacity for shame, or self examination. As a writer in hiding, why would you need to? After all, that is not the "real" you, is it? A real person might suffer moral anxiety over his words.

Look at yourself in the mirror, mister. You are the embodiment of the concept of "plausible deniability". All of us who are deeply involved in this battle, see right through you.

You should work for the tobacco industry, and go back to the 1960's. You would fit right in.

bitter loser?

Much like your inability to prove shale gas is harmful or the 'doctors' inability to prove it not an economic benefit, your shortcomings in truth also have prevented you from proving my name is fictitious, which whether you believe it or not , is George Wythe. The truth is your last post offered no proof whatsoever of your or the so called 'doctors' ridiculous claims and is simply useless hot air from an over educated fool. If you have nothing but unsubstantiated rhetoric to offer why say anything at all?

Wythe, or Writhe?

Do you really think it is worth my, or anyone's, time and effort, to go back and forth over the same arguments regarding shale gas extraction with YOU, who, like the industry you propagandize for, can not admit that shale gas extraction is harmful, has ever caused harm, or, even, can cause harm? I, and others, are not insane, Mr. Writhe.

My post exchanges with you are but a holiday weekend excursion into the twilight-zone-mind of a rabid, non resident, lessor, who wants his chance to receive royalties, at the expense of those who actually reside in the Township.

This article was about Local Law 3. You really should change your pen name to Writhe. Is there drilling and frac'ing in NYS? The Delaware River Basin? I must have missed it. Exactly how am I a "bitter loser" in relation to Local Law 3, or this issue?

As to writing that George Wythe is your real name, be careful about blatent lies, they have a way of biting even anonymous, characterless, men, such as yourself, who hide in the dark.

Now, if you do wish to be informative, and to educate the "antis" in our area, tell us the reason why, out of one side of your lessor mouths, you quote Prof. Engelder's "line of death", the Lackawanna Syncline, as a point (west) at which productive, shale gas extraction, "ends", when you want to persuade the DRBC not to worry about their projection of 18,000 shale gas wells in the Delaware River Basin.

Then, tell us why NWPOA, and your JLCNY, moved the "line of death", down to the middle of Damascus Township.

Then, tell us why, even though you describe the areas east and south of this "Line of Death" as being "cooked, overpressurized", and containing no economically viable, producible gas or liquids, you fight so hard to maintain the right to lease it for such extraction.

Did Hess, Newfield, Chesapeake and Cabot make terrible investments? If there is no viable shale gas in Sullivan County, or most of Wayne County,for example, how can it possibly provide the economic salvation for the residents of these counties? How can you say both things at the same time, when they are contradictory?

Why don't you tell your industry friends to release the data on the Matoushek, Crum, Woodland Partners, Robson, and the other so called "test wells"?

You falsely portray yourselves as "science based", but you wallow, and revel, in contradictory tales of "he says, she says", in your constant attempts to manipulate people.

If you were to "win", Mr. Writhe, it is you who would remain "bitter". It is you who would remain a "loser".

It is who you are, and even you can't hide it.

It was nice spending some time with you, Mr. Writhe.

Poor Mr. Barfh

As entertaining as the freak show at a circus, you have again exceeded my expectations. In all your long-winded attempts to avoid offering any proof of your claims that "Shale gas mining is a contaminating, extraction industry" or any proof of the brilliant economist 'doctor's' claim of how an industry which generates billions of dollars of revenue right here in PA every year manages to steal away without giving a boost to the local economy, you have made it obvious there is no proof to offer, only your "he said / she said" hogwash and ranting on about everything from pen names to test wells. Who's insane?

I've never quoted Engelder or even mentioned a "line of death" and I'm no geologist, but I do know that the Utica, which is proving quite profitable, underlies the Marcellus and extends all the way to NJ. Regardless of that, I have no holdings in Sullivan county or Wayne either and I really couldn't care less what the fools in office choose to pass as law. My interest is in the outcome, which I am confident will protect landowner rights everywhere in NYS.

I do not, nor have I ever seen shale gas extraction as harmful, will there be accidents? Probably, risks come with everything, but if they are manageable, as gas extraction risks are, we can all benefit from this resource for years to come. I do think it will do more than anything else to restore our country's wealth and economic strength. It has already proven it's worth.