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A good job on the Eldred budget

May 10, 2012

Thanks to the Eldred school board for presenting a budget that is reduced 3.7% from the 2011-2012 budget. At $15,918,581, the amount is within the 2% tax cap and can still meet all students’ needs. Carefully balancing rising costs against programs is no easy job. Every household in the district has most likely had to do some belt tightening.

It is painful and frightening to decide what goes and what stays in a budget. How to anticipate price increases is beyond many experts’ abilities. It took hard work and diligence to propose a budget that does not jeopardize the quality of education our students deserve, yet is fiscally responsible. A very commendable high-wire act. Thank you.

Laurie Terry, for the Mackenzie PTA
Eldred, NY


I agree, a 3.7% decrease is a start in the right direction.... so that being the case after the savings are paid back the goal should be to not have to use the 2% allowable increase since the average tax payer has not seen an increase in his salary in years....