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December 05, 2016
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Car impound in our backyard?

April 26, 2012

On Tuesday, April 3, our Loomis Area Watch Community attended a planning board public hearing in Liberty, NY for the purpose of considering approval of a Special Use Permit Application. This application was to consider a proposal for an impound recovery yard.

Due to the close proximity of the proposed impound recovery yard to our Neighborhood Watch Community, our residents voiced their concerns about the following: safety, noise level, cars being brought in at all hours of the night, aesthetics, environmental issues such as pollution of marshland and wells, criminal activity and finally, depreciation of homes. In other words, no one wants a business that will detract from our neighborhood.

All our community’s efforts for Renaissance beautification and safety will be for naught if this application is approved. Furthermore, what trust can our community have if prior to approval of the special permit, vehicles from Tommy’s Towing were at the Liberty site weeks before the public hearing was to take place?

Finally, in the long run the restrictions that our community would impose on Tommy’s Towing would absolutely be cost-prohibitive to them as well as to the town and county.

In conclusion, we are quite sure that this type of enterprise would better serve the public if it finds another location, rather than in our backyard, and we believe that it would be prudent for the Liberty planning board to adhere to public concerns, regardless of zoning.

Pat Lubins
Liberty, NY