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December 03, 2016
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Jennings calls for forensic audit of records

April 18, 2012

Borough of Honesdale board member Bob Jennings offered a motion on April 9 for the borough to order a forensic audit of all the records of the recently deposed zoning officer Wayne Earley. The motion was questioned by two members.

“I would like to know what the cost of such an audit would be before I would vote,” said member Michael Slish. His position was seconded by member James Brennan who said, “I think we should have an idea of the cost also. I believe the audit is necessary if for no other reason than to evaluate the individual involved.”

As the discussion continued, the wording of the motion was clarified to read: “It should be ascertained what the cost would be to hold a forensic audit of all the records of the zoning officer before any vote.” The vote on the motion was unanimous.

A month ago, the board voted six to zero with one abstention on a motion by Jennings to fire Earley. At the time, Earley would not comment because he was advised by his attorney, Mark Zimmer, not to discuss the issue for fear of a possible future lawsuit.

Also at the meeting, Slish, chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee, presented a report on the considerable repairs needed to the borough pool before it could open. The previous board did not include the pool in the 2012 budget, so a campaign to raise funds is necessary.

“We have an offer from Gary Linde, president of Leeward Company, who said the company would make some of the essential repairs,” Slish said. “He urged us to approach other Honesdale employers asking them to offer any assistance they might be able to. In a letter to the borough, Mr. Linde expressed how necessary the pool is for the children of the borough to occupy them for the summer months.”

In other board actions, Slish reported on a recent meeting that discussed the parks and recreation section of the multi-municipal comprehensive plan that was approved by the three municipalities—Honesdale, Texas Township and the Borough of Bethany. While Dyberry Township was not a signatory to the plan, individuals from that township participated in the meeting.

“Among the things discussed were the possibility of a trail along the Lackawaxen River, the improvement of facilities like the Apple Grove Park and other places where recreational activities could be held,” he said.

The citizens’ group would continue to meet in order to investigate other projects and how they could be funded, he said.