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December 04, 2016
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Writer’s block

Yarnslinger Ramona Jan is stylish as always, at Cafe Devine in Callicoon, NY

March 29, 2012

I’d like to say that “it had to happen sometime” but truth be told, my (hopefully) temporary ennui has visited before. “It goes with the territory” one of my colleagues chirped over lunch. “If you’re lucky enough to write for a living, the day will come when words will literally fail you. Ironic, isn’t it?”
It’s not that I have nothing to say (that will be the day!) or that there weren’t events happening all over the Upper Delaware Valley that attracted my attention last week. In fact, as the trees begin to bud, the plethora of happenings springing up in every community is seemingly boundless. High school musicals are tuning up all over and galleries are opening their doors. The Event Gallery at Bethel Woods (www.bethelwoodscenter.org) beckons and my inbox is flooded with announcements.

Picking and choosing what to do and whom to see becomes a challenge at this time of year, and I’m still relearning how to drive, after my self-imposed sabbatical during the winter months. Even before I left the house, I knew that I was in trouble. Never one to shy away from seeking help, I googled “writer’s block” and randomly opened a link, written by someone named Chris Bolton (www.blog.hostbaby.com). Since seeking advice from friends was an exercise in futility, I figured that a total stranger might have something more pithy to contribute.

Running late for the much ballyhooed James Hunter concert at the Nutshell (www.nutshellarts.com) in Lake Huntington, NY, I hit the print button, and raced (I mean hobbled slowly) out the door. I was in time to receive one of Hunter’s “People Gonna Talk” CDs and take my seat with a huge crowd, buzzing with excitement over the band’s return to the venue. The British R & B sensation had appeared there in 2006, and according to the press release, that performance and subsequent New York Times review garnered enough attention to catapult his popularity here in the states.