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A commissioner looks to the future

March 15, 2012

By Jonathan Fritz

As the new Wayne County Commissioner, I have quickly realized what a widely varied and demanding job I signed on for. Well, I’ll happily profess that I love it. I’ve got a great crew around me and fellow commissioners, Brian Smith and Wendell Kay have been truly helpful and accommodating. We’ve realized that the three of us “click.” Each has their own bag of tools that we bring to the job, and collectively we can tackle anything.

With the day-to-day details set to the side, let me share with you my vision, hopes and realizations. Wayne County needs steady jobs and economic opportunity, the kind that doesn’t rest on the back of taxpayers. Age trends show that our working age demographic is shrinking, while the elder population is growing. It’s not a healthy trend, as the resulting effect is retired folks having to carry more of a burden. That’s not right in my book. So we’ve got to open our arms to employers. The proper approach is a diversified one, as we see what happens when an area depends on one large industry or employer, and the dreaded loss of demand occurs or that single employer downsizes or relocates. We need to foster small business while being open to industry, manufacturing and energy opportunities. As they say, “don’t place all your eggs in one basket.”

This country was built on freedom, hard work, entrepreneurialism and the all-around determination to get ahead. That cause is being hindered by regulation, bureaucracy, manipulation and laziness. We need to stay aware and determined to secure our future and the future of the loved ones that will come behind us. Please exercise your right to vote and afterward, seek out your representative(s) and impart your views and frustrations.

My motivation and goal as your commissioner are to help this county remain stable, conservative and desirous to live in while helping to pave the way for economic opportunity. I ask for your help, input and support as we face the adversity that lies ahead.

[Jonathan Fritz was born and raised in Wayne County. He attended Honesdale Catholic School and Honesdale High School and completed his education at Penn State University. Fritz has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and served Honesdale as mayor for two terms. He is known to many as “Tractor Jon,” as he is the sales manager for Krempasky Equipment on Route 6 in Indian Orchard.]