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December 10, 2016
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A dubious achievement

December 1, 2011

In the November 10th paper I read with some amusement an article recounting a protest held against the Keystone XL pipeline. This pipeline would run from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, KS. It would then connect with a current pipeline, which now carries oil to Cushing, OK. Unfortunately, our president has now temporarily ruled against the XL pipeline being built.

What have these protestors achieved? First, we are now assured that a portion of the oil we use will continue to come from countries in the Middle East and Venezuela. These are areas are ruled by despots who do not wish us well. As for our friends in Canada, they will continue to develop their tar sands oil. Instead of shipping it south they will simply send it west to Vancouver or Kitimat. The oil will then be transported to China and Japan. I fail to see any “carbon” difference when oil produced in Canada is consumed by the United States or by China and Japan.

Secondly, while our president is, “focusing like a laser on jobs,” he just denied our country some 20,000 desperately needed, good paying working opportunities. These results have earned those protestors a resounding Bronx cheer.

Clem Fullerton
Trophy Club, TX

XE pipeline

This is stunningly ignorant or else totally selfish. Tis pipeline uses more energy than it produces and pollutes like none before it. To go blindly destroying the only planet we have instead of demanding renewable energy, and NOW, will result in the demise of the human species (and all others recognizable to us), which is looking more and more like the best outcome if this letter represents the ignorant population expolding all around us.