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December 03, 2016
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A way to save the Cochecton fire house

November 10, 2011

In 1971 to 1972, the Cochecton Men’s Club (CMC) fixed the old firehouse in Cochecton and built an addition. (The same men were all members of the Lake Huntington/Cochecton Fire Co.) Since that time, residents and people throughout the Town of Cochecton have used the building as a community center for the town. There have been numerous affairs held through the years. It has been a vital part of our community for a long time.

It was built mostly for the children of the area. There have been egg hunts, sponsored Little League teams, Halloween parties, Christmas parties and graduation parties for our youth. All of these events have been well attended and looked forward to for many years. The club added a ball field and tennis courts for use by all the residents of this community.

Adults of the Town of Cochecton held small wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, events for the Cochecton Preservation Society and many receptions after funerals. If the fire company was called out, we prepared coffee and food for fire fighters when they returned to the fire house.

When people in the community were in need, we all pitched in to help collecting donations and preparing food.

I tend to think that if you sold the building to CMC for a minimal amount of money, say $1, the club would maintain the building, pay insurance, make repairs, etc. I know an empty, not-used building deteriorates rapidly. The building would be returned to the Lake Huntington/Cochecton Fire Company if the CMC was ever dissolved.

Our youth would be the biggest receivers or losers of this request. If granted, it would be a way to teach values, keep them out of trouble, out of jail and most of all make them productive members of society.

Please consider this request and keep the Cochecton Fire House as a community center.

Dorothy Schultz
The Cochecton Men’s Club
Cochecton, NY