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‘Journeys’ of the heart

November 3, 2011

MILFORD, PA — The daughter of a beloved and respected attorney recently returned to Milford to scout potential locations for a movie that will be filmed in the town beginning in fall 2012. The film honors the memory of the father she calls, “the most amazing man I’ve ever known.”

Sidney L. Krawitz was born in Hawley and later lived in Milford, where he practiced law and won the devotion of many who still express fond remembrances of the man. Returning to Milford during the Black Bear Film Festival, Gallagher was deeply moved at the warm and positive responses from many community members at the mention of her father’s name.

“I’m privileged to tell this story,” said Gallagher. “My father gave so much to so many people.”

Krawitz lived to be 90 and died 10 years ago, but left lasting impressions on those who turned to him for help. “He was compassionate, generous, smart, intuitive and had a fabulous sense of humor,” said Gallagher. “If he met someone and sensed that they needed a break, he gave it to them.”

A similar scenario led to the experience around which Gallagher wrote the screenplay for the film. “Journeys” is based on a true story about love, friendship, betrayal, power and money. The bones of the story are based on actual events.

In 1949, a penniless widow turns to a brilliant young attorney for assistance, but in his determination to help her, he discovers a multi-million dollar estate that forces them both to redefine the meaning of love, trust, family, betrayal and forgiveness.

The film will be shot in and around Milford and possible filming locations under consideration include Grey Towers National Historic Site, the Hotel Fauchere, Pine Forest Camp in Greeley and various homes and other structures in Milford. “This will be a film that is part of this exquisite town,” said Gallagher.

“To return to the beautiful place where I grew up and make this film to honor the memory of my amazing father is truly a full circle moment for me,” Gallagher said. “Everything I need to shoot this film authentically is still in Milford and the surrounding area, thanks to the wisdom and hard work of the town and county leadership to preserve the architecture, historical buildings and history. And there’s the river, the constant river, which is a central character in the tonality of the film.”

Gallagher will draw on her extensive musical background to collaborate on the creation of the music for the film and said the river plays a role in this as well. “It’s part of the musical journey I’m on, the crafting of this score. The river will be part of it.”