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December 04, 2016
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Keep Sturm as supervisor

November 3, 2011

Since 2008, when Daniel Sturm took over heading the Bethel Local Development Corp., it has received several grants for the town. There have been more ribbon cuttings for new businesses in the last four years than the previous 10 years combined. This grant money was used to help several businesses in the community.

He believes in fair assessments for homes and properties on our tax roles. Not special lower assessments for the well-to-do part-time residents. If you own a $3 million home, you should be paying taxes on a $3 million home, not on a $500,000 home. I for one am tired of seeing the rich get richer while so many middle class as struggling to get by.

He has put countless hours into finding out and learning all he can about the issue of fracking. He will not allow pressure from a few landowners to put the rest of the town in jeopardy. As long as he has any doubt about its safety for our town and for the environment, he will continue to do all he can to stop it from happening in Bethel.

Daniel makes the tough decisions. He doesn’t favor any one group over another. That sometimes makes for hard feelings, but he tries to be fair and do what is best for the entire town as a whole. He is a leader for all. He will not sell out to special interest groups leaving the rest of the town to suffer because of it.

These are just a few examples of the things Daniel Sturm has done and is doing for the Town of Bethel. He is a serious supervisor who is doing a good job. He is committed to continue being a fulltime, hands-on supervisor. Let us continue to keep a good thing going.

Terri Colaianni
Mongaup Valley, NY