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December 03, 2016
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Tusten highway candidate charges opponent with wrongdoing

By Fritz Mayer
October 26, 2011

Glenn Swendsen, who is running for the position of highway superintendent in the Town of Tusten, provided several pictures of newly resurfaced driveways in the Flats that he said were done using town materials and manpower in violation of rules.

Highway superintendent George Kinch said he may have gone a “little too far” with the resurfacing of the area where the driveways meet the town roads, but he said, “It’s not as if I was out there buying votes.”

However, that was the charge leveled by Swendsen. He said Kinch used some 30 tons of town material on the driveways in an attempt to sway voters in the coming election.

Tusten supervisor Peg Harrison said that when a road is resurfaced, as the roads in the Flats were, it sometimes creates a “lip” with the connecting driveway, and current regulations allow for that lip to be mitigated at a distance of four feet from the road. She said Kinch went beyond that with a couple of residents who, initially, were seniors on fixed incomes, but then a couple of other residents requested the same treatment.

Swendsen said the work, which was done by town highway employees, involved eight or nine driveways.