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December 07, 2016
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Lumberland not like Tusten

October 27, 2011

Having attended zoning rewrites up and down the Delaware River corridor, I believe Peter Comstock’s claim that Lumberland’s rewrite process somehow mirrors Tusten’s rings entirely hollow.

Supervisor Harrison and her board did not allow an out-of-town attorney with no community ties to lead the first public comment period, and hover over the second.

Supervisor Harrison and her board did not allow the most vocal and fringe members of their community to overrun the dialogue and conversation.

Supervisor Harrison and her board did not encourage or allow threats, letters of intimidation and general incivility from the vocal anti-gas gang to affect the legitimacy of their proceedings.

Supervisor Harrison and her board confronted the legality of banning hydro-fracturing head-on, while Lumberland ducked and dodged the issue and question at the second public hearing.

In sum, Supervisor Harrison and her board exerted a firm, consistent and subtle control over the public rewrite hearings in contrast to Lumberland, where unspoken agendas and relationships seemed to lurk everywhere. Supervisor Harrison’s method produced tangible legitimacy while Supervisor Rajsz (when present) resulted in confusion of who was in charge and leading the process. One month it was David Slottje, the next month it was Heather Jacksy. Who knows who it will be next month?

No amount of crying foul on Mr. Comstock’s part will alter the reality that, in my view, Lumberland chose expediency and ruse over leadership and inclusion.

Charles Petersheim
Eldred, NY