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December 06, 2016
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Monticello Motor Club

October 13, 2011

So many accolades to the Monticello Motor Club, how come one important bit of information was left out, among all the bravos they afford themselves, nothing is mentioned about how much harm they are doing to the neighbors directly around them who sport "Stop the Noise" signs. Almost 150 people signed a petition that was circulated asking for effective sound barriers. All we got is a worthless number to call for the building department where we can lodge a complaint — yet nothing happens when these complaints are lodged. Nothing happens to these "fine" people who remember so fondly what they have taken away from us "The Lazy Days of the Quiet Catskills". They have come here and interfered in the quality of our lives.

We are not asking them to leave, but just put up proper sound barriers and control the kinds of mufflers used on their vehicles so their play does not disturb the rest of us. Our town government has given them the right to hurt their neighbors and that really must be changed.

The publicity of the MMC has been to show how wonderful they are to the community, we must counteract that by showing how detrimental they are until they actually take the needs of those who live around them into consideration.

Thanks to the many friends from Monticello, Rock Hill, Forestburgh and Sackett Lake for contacting me to let us know they understand how this noise lowers the values of our home and disturbs our quality of life.

Ann A Culligan
Monticello, NY