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December 05, 2016
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Need a job, go to Pennsylvania

August 25, 2011

Pick up a local newspaper from any town in Pennsylvania where natural gas drilling is taking place, and you will see advertisements for jobs galore from gas drilling companies and businesses. The Pennsylvania economy is booming, people are working and making money, and when people have money they will spend it.

Sales tax revenues are pouring into county and state departments. I admire the strategy Governor Tom Corbett has proposed of vetoing any legislation that would impose a tax increase on gas drilling companies. This will encourage them to set up their drilling rigs, get their crews in place and let them start drilling and producing gas. Then after a few years a small amount of tax can be put on them, when it would cost them more to pull out than pay the tax.

This strategy is working. Gas companies from all over the country are coming to Pennsylvania because of Corbett’s policies. He is proving to everyone that natural gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing can be done, and is being done, safely and responsibly. This governor is a brilliant man, and it would not surprise me in the future if his name were on the ballot for President of the United States.

In New York State, Governor Cuomo is telling us the state is broke and in big trouble. Sullivan County is on a shoestring financially. To top it off, some townships are still talking about restricting and discouraging gas companies from coming here by making zoning laws difficult for them. Newspaper headlines say more people are leaving New York and Sullivan County than are coming here because of high taxes and lack of jobs.

On behalf of all people living here including landowners, hunting and fishing clubs, farmers, businesses and all people seeking jobs, we must encourage gas drilling companies to come here. Bill Eschenberg, the road superintendent of the Town of Delaware, said gas drilling is an opportunity for townships to get new roads which otherwise they could not afford. What are we waiting for? Drill, baby drill.

Jack Danchak
Swan Lake, NY

It is Mr. Danchak, again?

Mr. Danchak,

Name one independent source for any of the positive spin that you wrote.

Of course, if you name E.I.D., or M.S.C., or Prof. Considine and Watson, they have all been ridiculed by reality.

Look how your guru, Prof. Engelder went from a projection of 2 tcf of ngas in 2002 (echoing the USGS estimate), to a recoverable figure of between 16.8 tcf and 51.4 tcf recoverable in 2008, then my goodness, up to, what was it, something like 489 tcf! in 2009. Then, the Energy Department declared 410 tcf in 2010, only to more than double it to 827 tcf shortly thereafter?

Now we have the USGS stating emphatically that an average projection of 84 tcf is to be expected to be recovered from the entire Marcellus?

Of course, all this "science" must be based on the "six decades" of frac'ing, not the PR spin and speculation based on no study of the less than nine year history of the actual drilling and frac'ing that we are referring to.

Will anyone ever hold these people accountable for their PhD in BS?

Mr. Danchak, how much gas does the U.S. consume per year? That's right, about 23 tcf. So, the entire Marcellus now holds a projected 3 year, 8 month supply for the U.S., and you want to put at risk, all of your neighbors, or more accurately, all of the inhabitants of the 95 million square miles of the Marcellus Shale area?

How long do you think this employment would last? Are areas of extraction historically known for wealth and good jobs? How do you spell "Appalachia"?

You have leased your acreage in PA, no? Correct me if I am wrong! And, you would like to, if you have not already, leased your acreage in NYS? Is that not a "friend of Marcellus" sign you have out there visible from 17B?

We understand your motivation, Mr. Danchak, but we ask you, to get a grip on reality, other than your own wallet, and to give something more than your empty opinions, in your attempts to support your desire to obtain more money. Please?

Property envy,

coupled with signing bonus envy and magnified by royalty envy, adds up to Barthian efforts at his much acclaimed voodoo math. Don't question it, just enjoy it.

The Marcellus grew very large

I meant to write 95,000 square miles, not 95 million.

This all makes a lot of sense.

Jack speaks the truth.