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2010 year in review

January 20, 2011

JANUARY: St. Martin for New Years with Emily and friends. Stranded at the airport on the way home. Vow never to fly US Airways again. Head to Sundance with “Catfish.” Film is a hit. A film making fantasy fulfilled.

FEBRUARY: Travel to Berlin for the Berlinale with “Beautiful Darling.” Pictures by the Wall. Find my family’s old bank. “Catfish” sells to Relativity with Universal set to release in September.

Back in New York and back to work. Make a few changes on the film and start the delivery process. Feels a bit like spinning wheels. Trying lots of things but don’t actually change much.

MARCH: Miss South by Southwest in Austin where “Opus Jazz” is playing because I am working on “Catfish.” “Opus Jazz” premieres on PBS. I watch it live and alone on my outdated television in Brooklyn. It’s the first time I see something that I have edited on TV.

Quit smoking after five years. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

April: Jury duty in downtown Brooklyn. Ugh. Dismissed after waiting for seven hours. Universal marketing trip to LA, stay in the Four Seasons with Henry, Ariel and Nev.

May: Start new job cutting a pilot about a war photographer. What’s going on in Juarez, Mexico? Travel to Berkley for a weekend for my Mom’s graduation and have a blast hanging out with family. Sign with an agent at Gersh. Emily and I head to New Jersey for a contra dance for my Grandma Marian’s 80th birthday celebration.

June: I’m best man at my dad and Ari’s wedding in Lackawaxen, PA. I worry about the toast I have to give until it’s over. Goes well. Family honeymoon cruise with new step-siblings up to Canada. Emily rents a house with friends in East Hampton. Perfect weekend.

July: Remix “Catfish” upstate in Woodstock, NY. Dave Curreri’s funeral in Narrowsburg is utterly heartbreaking. I am chosen as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s filmmakers to watch.

August: Finish war photographer pilot, literally in the nick of time, and head upstate to edit “Martha Marcy May Marlene” while it shoots in Livingston Manor.

September: Working in Narrowsburg and living at home with my mom, Stephen, and assistant editor Dean. Head back to NYC for the “Catfish” premiere. Head to LA for a Q&A and “Catfish” screening; Ryan’s bachelor party in Atlantic City.

October: Move back to the city. Attend Ryan and Lisette’s amazing wedding weekend and Phil’s bachelor party in New Orleans. Friends and I are Angry Bird’s for Halloween to moderate success. Mark and I look for a new apartment together. Find one. Lose it a few days later.