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December 08, 2016
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Saving the town money

July 14, 2011

I am a councilman on the board of the Town of Tusten. I am responding in regard to a letter in the paper last week incorrectly informing the public that three board members (which included myself) were against saving the town money. This is such a blatant falsehood that I don’t understand how it could even be up for question.

I am and have always been for saving the town money. I pay taxes here and they are, without question, high. I would certainly agree that all members of the town that are being paid for by taxpayers should take a cut in pay, as I certainly would agree to. My agreement to a vote on the bookkeeper’s position is because I have always felt that one of the most honest people working for the town was Karen Valenti.

I was never (check the records) for the job being full time, and was in agreement of cutting her hours to 29. We have town positions that were never there before, and I would most definitely agree to cut those positions out completely. To pick out one person as if her position was the reason for high taxes is ludicrous. Has anyone who has complained about spending checked the highway bills lately? Has anyone checked anyone else’s hours? I could go on but I am not in this position to criticize people, but to vote for what I think is right. I do not ever remember, in my 40-plus years here, such dirty politics. I am ashamed. I have not changed sides—I am only on one side, the people’s. Please think seriously of finding out facts before voting.

Eileen Falk
Narrowsburg, NY