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December 03, 2016
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Get me to the church on time

June 30, 2011

I think about writing all of the time—and especially this column. As I plot out the details of the coming week, the column begins to take on life in its own ever-changing, capricious way, almost becoming alive in my anthropomorphic mind as I wend my way through this entertaining, never ending tour of the Delaware River Valley. Sometimes I stop to snap a pic of a baby skunk by the side of the road, and this act alone gives birth to a paragraph or two. Other days, it’s the weather.

On Tuesday, I joined a huge crowd at the Dancing Cat Saloon (www.dancingcatsaloon.com) to bask in the glorious musical experience that is jazz vocalist Donna Singer, performing selections from her new CD “In The Living Room” with the Doug Richards trio (www.cdbaby.com/cd/jazzinthelivingroom). The show was tremendous, and I figured I’d have plenty of space to devote some pithy comments on the evening’s enormously successful launch party.

And then, on Saturday morning, I turned to the news. Every so often (don’t get used to it), this column is influenced by something monumental, and that happened on Saturday as I watched TV and discovered that New York State has joined the ranks of six others in recognizing the civil rights regarding marriage of its citizens. Wow.

The event provided me with a timely inspiration. I was planning to attend a DVAA “Arts Alive” garden party at the Cutting Garden in Youngsville (www.thecuttinggarden.org). The garden and hosts were lovely, as was the fundraiser, but the “Garden Hat Contest” had me perplexed. I knew I wanted to participate, but how?

After hearing the news, I knew how. I got out my glue gun, a toy lumberjack (they’re not dolls—they’re action figures), a tube of glitter and a miniature rainbow flag (basic household staples, In My Homosexual Opinion) and went to town. Inspired by the design lunacy of local legend Ramona Jan (www.ramonajan.com), I glued and glittered my way to a prize at the party, while announcing (yeah, it was a big secret until that moment) to the world at large (and the ladies playing croquet) my own brand of gay pride.