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December 05, 2016
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It’s time to tighten belts

June 30, 2011

There are three members of the Tusten town board, led by Carol Wingert, who are seeking to usurp the authority of our town supervisor in respect to appointing the town bookkeeper. Our town supervisor holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and is more than qualified to make this appointment. I do not believe this to be the case with those board members who are seeking the change.

These three board members seem to believe that it is a good idea to add a full-time employee to our payroll with all of the long-term tax ramifications that are associated with such a position. They also believe that spending the money for a special election is a good idea.

These members are apparently not aware of what is going on in municipalities throughout our country. Many states, and a great number of cities and towns, are having a difficult time funding their medical and pension obligations, and the people are getting very tired of ever-increasing taxes. In addition, I believe that this is little more than a ploy by Ms. Wingert and her associates to diminish the power of your duly elected town supervisor. I base this observation on the many town board meetings that I have attended over the past several years.

I believe that Mrs. Harrison is an honest official who is doing everything she can to contain cost and minimize tax increases now and in the future, and I feel strongly that she deserves our support. I understand that this special election will be held on July 12. Please mark your calendars. We should turn out in numbers for this election and send a strong message to these board members that the games of the past are over.

Tom Prendergast
Narrowsburg, NY