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December 07, 2016
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Eros is always with us and death is its shadow

June 30, 2011

Anthony Weiner’s erotic behavior motivated his poor judgment and his deceitfulness. His misbehavior has caused his family and political allies to suffer. In the next election, the people could have voted him out of office. Instead, he has been verbally stoned to political “death” before we were allowed an opportunity to vote him out of office—assuming we believed his misbehavior warranted such a punishment. The corporate news media created the arenas and distributed the stones to millions of people worldwide. The hypocrites are always there to throw the first stones; and then, the media manipulated us to all take part in the stoning. Punish him immediately. No forgiveness!

Arrogance and greed are always with us and profits are their shadows.

We reserve forgiveness for our corporate elite. The poor judgment and deceitfulness of our financial leaders are responsible for creating the present unemployment rate. Chronic unemployment has lead to increased psychological problems for millions of innocent people. These business leaders’ misbehavior was motivated by arrogance, wishful thinking and greed. Unlike Anthony Weiner, their names remain unknown to the majority of Americans. The corporate news media do not put these people on “media trial.” The news media do not broadcast shows that encourage us to judge and punish these leaders. “News” shows are not dedicated to tempting us to obsessively analyze their misbehavior. The corporate elite’s privacy is protected. Their disproportionate wealth and political power are allowed to increase. They are always forgiven!

Anthony N. Biancoviso, Ph.D.
Barryville, NY