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December 02, 2016
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WEDCO to widen broadband in Wayne

June 8, 2011

Now that its efforts to build the new business park are launched in Sterling Township, the Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO) is now able to focus on another major business advantage: establishing broadband Internet service.

In order to get this initiative started, WEDCO has established a committee of key business people and technicians to dig into the issue.

“It’s way too early to put a dollar figure on it,” said Mary Beth Wood, executive director of the business group. “We’re really just starting this initiative because there’s certainly a need in Wayne County for it.”

Right now, most of the southern portion of the county is well served with broadband capability. This effort will focus on establishing the service throughout the county. If the county wishes to attract modern businesses with modern requirements, this service is a must, Wood said.

Broadband Internet Access, often shortened to just “broadband,” is a high data rate connection to the Internet—typically contrasted with the slower dial-up access using a modem. Dial-up service is very limited in speed and requires use of a dedicated telephone line.

The new technology would enable people to work from home, a trend which is growing, especially in the neighboring New York City metropolitan area. Many city folk have second homes in the area and would be encouraged to spend more time and more money locally.