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Neighbor’s Helping Hand’ forms in Highland

May 18, 2011

Sometimes a helping hand comes along just when you need it most. For two children battling cancer in the Town of Highland, that time is now. To aid in their plight, a new community charity has formed, and the founders of Neighbor’s Helping Hand have begun organizing fundraisers that they plan to conduct on an annual basis to continue helping community members in need.

The Yulan Fire Department, sponsor of the charity, will host the initial community-style event, the 1st Annual Walk and Softball Game, in collaboration with the Town of Highland Lions Club, the Knights of Columbus, the Yulan Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary and the American Legion Ambulance Corps.
This year’s beneficiaries will be eight-year-old Aiden Hanley and 13-year-old Autumn Carlucci.

Aiden received a heart transplant at the age of two and was diagnosed with Post-Transplant Lymphoma Disorder in late December 2010. He will need to receive six spinal taps and six bone marrow transplants in total, and has completed half of this series. Aiden receives treatment at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan and each time he is admitted for five days or more. Despite these challenges, he is described as a happy-go-lucky kid who loves to play outside and is very curious.

Autumn recently underwent surgery to remove an Ependymoma brain tumor. Although the tumor is not expected to spread to other parts of her body, she faces a 40% chance that it will return. Once released after the initial surgery, Autumn must visit her doctor every three months for checkups and will need physical and occupational therapy. Her family says, “She has been so great throughout all of this. She is so positive and has been focusing on recovering so she can come home.”

Neighbor’s Helping Hand developed its mission, “to promote and protect the well-being and health of our neighbors through hard work and generosity,” after noticing the tremendous support the community lent in the past. One of the group’s founders is Yulan Fire Department chief Keith Blaut, who was touched by the outpouring of support he received from the community while battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
The group decided to harness that commitment through regular fundraisers. “This community is really supportive, and if we give them an opportunity to be involved on a regular basis, they’ll come through,” said one of the organizers, Kaitlin Haas. “We want to be just as courageous in our support as these children have been in their battles.”

‘Neighbor’s Helping Hand’ benefit
• What: 1st Annual Walk and Softball Game, sponsored by the Yulan Fire Department to benefit two Town of Highland children battling cancer and currently receiving treatment.
• When: Saturday, June 11. Check-in at 9 a.m., walk at 9:30 a.m., softball game at noon, home run derby immediately following.
• Where: Starting from the Yulan ball field to the Town Hall in Eldred; softball at the ball field with free shuttle by the Barryville Hotel for walkers from the Town Hall.
• Contact: Kaitlin Haas at 845/557-8869 or Doreen Sweeney at 845/557-6540 for sponsorship forms and walk registration ($10 for pre-registered walkers, $15 that day). Forms are also available at the Yulan Country Store.
• Details: Sign up to walk and raise money or stop by the field and watch the BVH Bombers battle the Yulan Fire Department softball team. Sponsor a base or a road sign.

Thank you for the support

I just wanted to say thank you to all that are supporting this cause. My niece Autum is a blessing in our lives. I pray that God would multiply your blessings over and over for all you do for Aiden and Autum!! - Rev. Josue Lopez