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‘Dirty politics’ indeed

April 28, 2011

I read with interest Brad Dellert’s letter in The River Reporter dated April 21. In it he states that lies, deceit, manipulation and slander have no place in politics. According to him, he’s rising above all that and taking the “high road” in his bid for supervisor of Shohola. Well apparently the high road is still under construction, because after staying on it for about three seconds, he abruptly did a u-turn and embraced with all his heart the very thing he claimed to want nothing to do with: “dirty politics.”

In his letter, by insinuation, he makes it clear that according to him, Greg Hoeper, his opponent, and (as he puts it) “his followers,” which includes myself, are manipulative, deceitful, slanderous, liars, and yes, thieves. I must take exception to that. According to Brad Dellert, some of his signs have been stolen. Well, some of Greg Hoeper’s signs have also been stolen, but he has not gone out in a public forum in an effort to connect those acts directly to Brad Dellert, as Brad Dellert has done to him.

Concerning his assertions about lies, deceit, manipulation, and slander, what Brad needs to do is enlighten and educate us by stating what those lies are, write them down one by one. He needs to say, “here’s lie number one, and this is how I know, and how I can prove it’s a lie,” then proceed to lie number two. He needs to do the same with his claims of manipulation, deceit, and slander. He needs to back up his assertions and expose them. This would certainly be to his advantage. But don’t forget, it’s only when something has no truth to it, that it becomes deceitful, slanderous, or a lie. You may want to remember that. As Mark Twain once said. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so.”

Gary Hoeper
Shohola, PA