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December 03, 2016
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Food hub conversation continued

By Fritz Mayer
April 9, 2014

MONTICELLO, NY — The conversation about the location of the proposed food hub continued at a meeting of the Sullivan County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) on April 8. Legislator Ira Steingart, chair of the IDA board, said there would be a meeting with a representative of Ginsburg Food to determine which direction the company wanted to go regarding the location of the facility.

There was a question as to the zoning of the parcels involved. The one previously chosen belongs to a company controlled by developer Butch Resnick. Steve Veglianti, who is Resnick’s attorney, said the lot is zoned industrial. Legislator Alan Sorensen had said some maps show the property as being residential.

Veglianti said the costs associated with developing the parcel across the road, which the county owns, would probably be such that there would be no savings in using that parcel as opposed to the Resnick lot. He added that if there was a lot that would be better for the project and the farmers, he and Resnick would accept that.

The five legislators who voted to table the resolution to provide $110,000 were all at the meeting, as was chair Scott Samuelson. Legislator Cindy Gieger once again reiterated her concern that Sullivan farmers had not been brought into the process in the development of this project.

Legislator Cora Edwards noted that the county legislature was being asked to turn over $110,000, and there is no formal application form through which requests are made.

Andrea Reynosa, who represented The Solution Project, said her group has been working for 18 months on establishing a food hub in the shuttered Narrowsburg School and asked if her group could “partner” with the IDA in some way.

Resident Ken Walter noted that had the IDA not asked the legislature for $110,000, the issue of the location would never have come up, and the project would be moving forward. [See Resnick’s My View on page 7.]