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Nearby homeowner calls Monticello Motor Club a ‘blight’

November 6, 2013

We are residents of Rose Valley Road near the village of Monticello. Although we work in New York City and come up throughout the year, it has been our plan to retire to our beautiful Monticello home. We vote in the county, pay taxes here and support county institutions. We look forward to weekends and vacations for peace and tranquility. Our 1850s farmhouse is on a large plot of land, and we love hiking in our forest. All this has changed with the arrival of the Monticello Motor Club.

Although at first we had heard sporadic motor sounds (which we frankly mistook for the sounds of ATVs), we have now gotten a taste of the motor club in full swing, an indication for what is to come as it expands. Although we live two miles from the club, we were overwhelmed by loud, disturbing and relentless noise on a recent Sunday morning. It began around 8 a.m. and went on without cease throughout the day. Since that time we hear the loud buzzing every weekend. No longer can we relax in nature. No longer is our house the refuge it once was. Our peace has been sold to the highest bidder.

We are seriously considering putting our house up for sale unless the situation improves. We will seek a town that has more concern for protecting the well-being of its residents. The Town of Thompson has just rolled over and allowed developers to do whatever they care to do. Why have no attempts at sound abatement been implemented? In view of the importance of tourism to our area, this lack of regulation is incredibly shortsighted. We join other concerned citizens, year-round residents as well as vacation home owners, and lovers of the outdoors in protesting this intrusive and irresponsible blight on our community.

Emily Socolov and Itzik Gottesman
Monticello, NY