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Monticello needs strong Town of Thompson leaders

November 1, 2013

I’ve read the recent coverage and I’ve listened to our elected officials in Thompson discuss the dysfunction in Monticello, but I hear very little about how anyone in Thompson wants to contribute to making it better.
It’s almost as though those residents, all of whom officially live in Thompson, aren’t as important as the rest of us. We ignore the opportunities that exist there for business development, and the importance of Monticello’s position as our county seat.
The only one I’ve heard take an aggressive stance about Monticello is Michael Croissant. He’s running for town council in Thompson, and has been vocal about his interest in taking an active role in making improvements.
As a businessperson, who has been on Broadway in Monticello for decades, he’s seen what Monticello was and what it is now. The village can’t do it alone. It needs the help of strong town leaders who want to make our county seat a place of pride and offer village residents the outstanding and safe quality of life available throughout the rest of the town.
Monticello cannot continue as is. We can’t continue to behave as though it’s a separate entity. It isn’t. It’s a part of Thompson, and it is our responsibility to play a role in making it better. Michael Croissant is willing to do that, so I’m giving him my support on Election Day.
Dean Gilmour
Monticello, NY