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December 07, 2016
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Request for ‘just the facts in Tusten’

October 30, 2013

We recently received a campaign flyer in the mail from Ned Lang and his running mate Richard Pierce The flyer states that the town bookkeeper position pays $42,310 in salary. According to the 2014 preliminary town budget, which is available for anyone to view, the salary for the bookkeeper is $1,750 less than is stated in the campaign flyer, because office equipment and the contractual expenses were incorrectly added in to come up with total salary. The flyer also states that the state retirement contribution for the bookkeeper will be $12,000 in 2014. The town has not yet received the state retirement bill for 2013, and the amount paid for the bookkeeper’s state retirement in 2012 was less than half of the figure listed in the campaign flyer. The flyer states that the social security payment for the bookkeeper will be $3,000. Actually, the social security payment will be $500 less than the amount in the flyer. All employers have to pay into the social security system for all of their employees. The bookkeeper is the lowest paid of all of the full-time employees in the Town of Tusten. The current bookkeeper has consistently saved the town thousands of dollars each year by discovering mistakes and oversights made by others, and she has assumed many additional responsibilities without any pay increase. She is honest, accurate, and very dependable, and she should be cherished as an asset, not attacked by others misrepresenting the written facts.

Michael Valenti
Narrowsburg, NY
[Michael Valenti is married to Karen Valenti, Town of Tusten bookkeeper.]