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December 08, 2016
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Cochecton voter advocates ‘time for a change’

October 16, 2013

As a resident of Cochecton who wishes to retain our town’s pristine beauty and way of life, not to mention our property values and our sanity, I wholeheartedly support Joan Glase and Dr. Paul Salzburg for town council. It is time for a change. The politics of non-action on the heinous and toxic practice of fracking are not acceptable to the majority of the people of this town.

I also am appalled that their campaign signs were pulled out on Skipperene Road, and now we see their opponents’ signs up and down the road. To those who pulled out the signs: you are not going to silence our voices about fracking just because you hope to gain financially at the expense of our community, our health and that of our children.

Some say fracking is safe. They are ignoring or are not aware of the overwhelming evidence of what has happened to people, their health, their animals and their property values from fracking. The latest study, by Duke University, revealed radioactive wastewater flowing from water treatment plants in PA, plants that were never designed to handle the toxic mix of carcinogenic chemicals or the radioactive water released during fracking. Is this what you want your family exposed to?

How about the nonstop truck traffic, the noise, the air pollution and the wholesale destruction of our land? So many people across this nation, who leased their property, now rue their ruined lives, which they sold to the gas companies. It’s too late for them but not for us. It’s time to act locally. Here is where we would have to live with the deleterious effects of fracking from which a few would profit (financially perhaps), while the rest of us will pay the most extreme price.

This is why I support Joan Glase and Dr. Paul Salzberg. Let’s make our voices be heard at the polls.

Richard Ross
Town of Cochecton