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Scattered clouds
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December 10, 2016
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Poetry Is

By Sheila Dugan

the unusual in the usual
the nugget in the cliché
the dot on the i
the cross on the t
the picture worth a thousand words
the tree you can’t see
for the forest
the black sheep

the little red hen
the falling sky
the peach pit
the grain of mustard seed
the twenty-fourth psalm
the third line of the Rubaiyat
the forty-eighth page of
On The Road
the nth degree
the bottom line
the last laugh
the best of the best
the constellation you can name
the me in me
the you in you
the love in love
the still in
be still and know that I am
the quiet between the words
the so-o-o-o-o as you inhale
the hm-m-m-m as you exhale
the eye of the storm
the storm
the beat of your heart
the whispering lips
the whisp of a kiss
the calm
the rush
the calm
the rush