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December 09, 2016
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Writer laments ‘once great nation’

September 4, 2013

Recently while we were both at The Littlest World’s Fair in Grahamsville, NY, I was able to discuss with Congressman Chris Gibson the protest at his fundraiser. I was shocked to learn that two of the signs stated, “Tax the 1%” and another, “Keep the Immigrants, deport the Republicans.”

I have a long family history in this country dating back to Virginia 1670, and I love the God of the Holy Bible and this country. I am very concerned that this country has mutated into something that it was never meant to be and is becoming nothing that our Founding Fathers, grandparents, myself, or my offspring can be proud of. How will taxing anyone any more solve anything? We all already pay way too many taxes, and if the government further taxes the superrich 1% of our population that would only make those people leave New York State and the USA at a faster rate; and with them will go the jobs and philanthropy.

The issues of our border/immigration are very serious. To even suggest deporting Republicans is just foolish, but don’t worry—all believers in Christ will be deported supernaturally via the rapture soon. However fellow U.S. citizens who are Republicans are not the problem and we are not the enemy despite the media brainwashing in an attempt to divide and conquer this once great nation.

Lastly, to continue to allow illegal immigration into the USA and to give those people all the benefits of citizenship without those people having any patriotism is unacceptable and a recipe for destruction.

Please, instead of reading this and getting angry at me, I respectfully and lovingly urge you to turn off your TV and humble yourself before God and pray for this one nation under God and for wisdom as I will do.

Thanks and God bless America.

John Pasquale
Livingston Manor, NY