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December 08, 2016
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Doing what is ‘right’

September 4, 2013

There seems to be an overzealous campaigner who is looking to occupy one of the seats as Tusten Town Justice. He is a Democratic Republican Independent Conservative. Well, so much for his decision-making ability. The one thing he has made up his mind about is becoming the town justice.

In Chuck Hoffman’s desire to put his campaign signs anywhere he chooses, he apparently is not averse to using threats and intimidation tactics. Other campaigners who wish to put signs on our various properties, respectfully ask permission; he does not.

An actual occurrence of these tactics happened on Saturday, August 24. He attempted to put a sign at the Yard Sale Store, when the salesperson in charge refused to let him do so. He then threatened her with arrest saying that the lawn was a legal right-of-way and she could not refuse him. (If this is so, why doesn’t the town mow our lawn?)

Unfamiliar and inexperienced with the nature of these diabolical tactics, she called the owner of the store and hasty decisions were made. He seemed to have picked his victims well—two hard working and diligent women, who were filled with fear and not wanting to make waves.

Chuck Hoffman is a man who seems to be the antithesis of both law and justice, or should I say “just-us,” and in my opinion should be in front of a judge and not running as one.

John Pisanelli
Narrowsburg, NY