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December 10, 2016
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No dog ordinance for Berlin Township

August 28, 2013

The supervisors in Berlin Township have decided not to adopt a dog ordinance at the present time. They had been considering adopting one because of complaints about a specific barking dog, but the issue has subsided.

The chairman of the supervisors, Paul Henry, said, “It’s like anything else, whether it’s a barking dog ordinance, a burn ordinance, or a shooting your cannon off in the neighborhood ordinance, there’s always some (person) who screws it up for everyone else.”

Henry said the police and the county dog enforcement officer can’t take any action regarding a barking dog unless the township has a dog ordinance.

Supervisor Cathy Hunt said the owner of one dog, which was the subject of a complaint, put a sign on the mail box explaining that the dog in question suffers from separation anxiety. The sign also explained that the township has no dog ordinance, and the sign further said, according to Hunt, “If you would like me to put my dogs in the house, you can be responsible for cleaning up what they tear apart while I’m gone.”