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December 03, 2016
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A few thoughts on diverse subjects

March 27, 2013

Our librarians

Anyone who has ever encountered a computer glitch knows it can be a jungle out there, as far as getting competent, affordable, technical support is concerned. That is why I continue to praise Patrick McCullough and Cindy Menges of the Western Public Computer Center to the sky. Funded by the Federal Stimulus Program for its first two years, the center has since become an integral part of the Western Sullivan Public Library, with branches in Jeffersonville, Narrowsburg, and Callicoon. But folks from elsewhere should also be aware that ultra-patient, ultra-knowledgeable Patrick and Cindy are but a drive or phone call away, five afternoons a week. I, for one, cannot thank the duo enough for such kind, expert assistance.

Agriculturally speaking

Ag remaining the answer to socioeconomic prosperity in our area, New York State, and across the U.S. as a whole, I have been overjoyed to read about the new curd plant headed to Sullivan County. Hope being one of the best medicines known to man, the articles about the new plant alone have probably boosted the spirits of our hard-working, price-squeezed dairy farmers and their families. But what a huge blessing it will be for them and the Sullivan economy in general, when the new curd business actually begins processing local milk to make its delectable products.


Outside Sullivan County, leave it to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg when it comes to shaking things up. For instance, I have been pleased by his plan to do away with polystyrene foam trays, cups, etc. used by eating establishments, since such items do indeed remain in landfills or elsewhere in the environment forever. My idea, however, is that the mayor or federal government hold two competitions, one for designing an affordable, bio-degradable alternative to polystyrene, the other for developing a process whereby polystyrene foam is degraded into “eco-friendly” substances.