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The ‘devil’s work’ in the XL-Pipeline

March 20, 2013

[I’m writing] concerning the silence coming from our nation’s executive branch concerning the apparent construction of one of the worse environmental disasters in the making—the Keystone XL pipeline. Its continued construction will only create additional pollution in the hydrological and geographic zones of its transgression. Scenic landscapes and natural resources such as rivers, streams and aquifers, all stand to be contaminated by this worst form of oil. Native Americans in Canada are already suffering health effects. This [would be a] “giant step backwards” [led] by corporations whose only interest is the continued exploitation of oil resources, despite known consequences to human and planetary health and safety.

This XL pipeline can only be described as the “devil’s work.” Not only will this destroy our American landscapes, it also will allow continued energy waste consumption. After being refined, much of this dirty tar oil will be for export overseas, for short-term corporate profits, [which will go to] the same uncaring detached conglomerates that no longer pay their fair share for the common good of the nation.

If President Obama does not stop this great wrong from occurring, if the common good is forever subordinated to the corporate realm of economy (however which way they chose to operate), then we are truly a rogue nation, an “evil empire.”

Money is worse than any drug.

Please, stop the XL pipeline for the future and for the safety and health of all life.

Nick R. Homyak
Lake Hiawatha, NJ