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December 05, 2016
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A new age dawning?

December 19, 2012

CALLICOON, NY — Perhaps you’ve seen a small, glossy flyer floating around places in the Upper Delaware Valley, or you noticed an ad in the local newspaper inviting people to attend ReBirth 2012, or what the event’s organizers are calling a “global ‘Birth Day’ party” to celebrate “day one” of the Age of Aquarius. The afternoon of free presentations and visioning activities will be held on Saturday, December 22 at the Delaware Youth Center, 8 Creamery Rd. from 1 to 6 p.m.

The occasion, according to those who planned it, is designed to interest and inspire people to become more spiritually connected to the world we live in by hearing presentations from different traditions and points of view. Art works, sculptures and drawings also will be on display.

“People are invited to come share their visions for the rebirth of our world as it shifts from fear to love,” explained Pat Carullo, one of the event’s organizers.

“Today, people all around the world are searching for real meaning in our lives. We feel that something’s missing. We feel disconnected,” Carullo said. “The ancients and the indigenous peoples understood what we’re missing. They saw that we’re all part of a collective spiritual world. But today we are disconnected from the spiritual world because we’re so completely involved in the material. We need to reclaim the wisdom that we’ve lost.”

The ancients saw everything as reflected through the “soul, the spirit and the heart,” he said, “but today, living in a material world, we see a body and a soul that are separate, and so we see ourselves as separate from one another. We have to change ourselves.”

There will be a series of presentations both by local citizens and by guests via video. Local presenters include Kazzrie Jaxen, who will talk about “A Gentle Rebirth for the Earth: Dreaming the World into Being;” Marcia Nehemiah, who will discuss how wise women will recreate the world, based on her new book “Crone Age” that profiles eight octogenarians who became her mentors; Brenda Seldin, an animal communicator, who will hold a Spirit Animal Workshop; Trebbe Johnson, who will discuss “Radical Joy for Hard Times;” and peace activist Mort Malkin, who will talk on “Peace in Action” and more.

Video presentations including “Humanity Ascending” by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbardd will also be shown.