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December 03, 2016
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Unofficial Election Results for the Upper Delaware Valley

November 7, 2012

New York

19th Congressional District
Chris Gibson, REP 134,996
Julian Schriebman, DEM 117,488

Assembly District 100
Gary Linton, REP, CON 7,264
Aileen Gunther, DEM 16,618

Supreme Court Judge,
3rd Judicial District

Bernard Malone, REP 122,655
Michael Kavanagh, REP 138,360
Richard Mott, DEM 163,934
Stephan Schick, DEM 146,442
Larry Weissman WFP 14,979

Lumberland Council Person
David Leamon RE 430
Martha Tully DEM, IND 374

Bethel Council Person
Bob Blais, REP, CON 640
Lillian Hendrickson, DEM 775

Tusten Council Person
Ned Lang, REP 318
Andrea Reynosa, DEM, RUR 266
Proposition for board appointment
of the Bookkeeper................Yes 369 No 569


10th Congressional District
Tom Marino, REP 168,024
Phil Scollo, DEM 87,096